Meet the Missionaries

Jovanni & Grace Chang




Pastoral Associates


Chung Jen High School & Junior College

Jovanni and Grace are from Hacienda Heights, California and are members of St. John Vianney Church. Jovanni attended Pasadena City College and Pasadena Institute of Technology. Grace attended university in Taiwan. They have two grown sons. Jovanni and Grace served as Pastoral Associates, assisting the Sisters of Our Lady of China in their ministries to the students at Chung Jen Junior College. They served in the Life Education Center at the school. The vast majority of the students are not Christian, and as a Catholic institution, the Life Education Center promotes healthy living, service and values.


“Like it or not, we all do our Mission in our daily Christian life. Only I learned this in a hard way before I joined LMH. Here in Taiwan, I simply invite Jesus to do the Mission with me, because I know he is the best friend and leader I can find. Every day in good times, hard times, Jesus is so gentle to me. The outcome is so good, far beyond my wildest imaginations. Up to now from the school Principal, Sisters of Our Lady of China, to most of the teachers are all impressed. We’re half way through on the time scale and I am not sure how good this can get, maybe this is the peak, maybe not. All I know is that I need to be a good Jesus follower–Lay Mission Helper. Cheers in Holy Spirit.”