Meet the Missionaries

Joshua & Rachel Knight




Water Project Engineer/Teacher


Diocese of Kumbo (Joshua)/St. Augustine Secondary School (Rachel)

Joshua and Rachel Knight, and their children Mary and Grace, served in the Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon. Joshua, an environmental engineer, worked on diocesan sponsored clean water projects in several villages in the diocese. Due to lack of clean water, many people became sick or died from water born diseases. These water projects provided the only clean and safe water to these communities. Rachel, a teacher, served as an English teacher at St. Augustine Secondary School. In addition, she and the children volunteered at an orphanage at Shisong Hospital.


“I thought I trusted in the Lord before I went to Cameroon, but when I got there I learned to really trust the Lord. By necessity I prayed a lot more when I was there and I struggled to grow in virtues like charity and humility and faithfulness. It wasn’t always easy, but like we realized in my prayer group last night: God calls us out of our comforts zones because he wants to be our comfort zone. This will happen when you go abroad in his name.”—RACHEL KNIGHT

“Our mission experience as a family was one of the best decisions we ever made. The formation program brought me closer to God than any formation I’ve ever had. We and our children have an understanding and love for the poor which we would not have received elsewhere. We gained a great appreciation for our home, family and friends. We struggled in the desert of our mission, but had time to be together as a family and to be with God that we only wish we had now. My personal mission, working on water supply projects, changed my whole life goals, now oriented towards permanently serving Christ’s poor. Please pray about this discernment and listen to God’s call.”—JOSHUA KNIGHT