Meet the Missionaries

Jeff & Courtney Caiola




Administrator (Jeff) & Nurse Tutor (Courtney)


Karoli Lwanga Hospital

Jeff & Courtney Caiola and their children Ellis, Marie & Gabriella served at Karoli Lwanga Hospital in Nyakibale, Diocese of Kabale. Jeff served as the hospital administrator and Courtney, a registered nurse, taught at the hospital nursing school. Their children attended the local primary school.


"Our mission experience as a family was an incredibly humbling and life-giving experience. Personally, our time in formation and mission were a time of unprecedented growth and enlightenment in all aspects of my life. My sense of the world, humankind and our relationship to one another and God was completely altered and enriched by this experience. I believe too, that our children have a perspective on these important truths that we could have never offered them otherwise. Pray, discern and answer the call – the world is waiting!"