Meet the Missionaries

Ed & Cathy Medina




Physicians Assistant (Ed)/Nurse Tutor (Cathy)


Shisong Hospital & School of Nursing

Ed and Cathy Medina and their children Terisa, Megan and Billy served in Shisong, Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon. Ed, a physicians assistant, served in the outpatient clinic of the hospital. Cathy, a registered nurse, served as a nurse tutor (teacher) and the hospital’s nursing school. Their children attended the local Catholic primary school.


“Being a Lay Mission Helper has been a major highlight in our lives as a family. Not only did it bring us closer together as a family, it cultivated our growing into the larger family of God in the world and enabled us to work with our brothers and sisters on another continent to bring the family of God into reality. Living and working day by day in a very different culture from ours, with each hardship and joy that came along, we had to trust in God’s promise to be with us always. What a challenge and an opportunity to grow in our faith in Him, as well as our faith and trust in other people. Each morning as we put on our LMH ring on our finger, we are grateful for Lay Mission Helpers and the work they are doing in the world.”